Four Women, Four Friends, One Passion

Authors Jane Beckenham, Clare Dargin, Elle Druskin
and Betty Ann Harris

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Elle Druskin's NEW Release-To Catch A Crook

To Catch a Crook
To Catch A Crook
To Catch Series: Book 2
Elle Druskin

~ ~ ~
A London archivist is murdered and Lindy Kellerman is on the lam. She has to get to Detective Fraser MacKinnon in Scotland before the cops arrest her. Or the killer finds her.
Mix in Bollywood divas, an Oxford don masquerading as Santa Claus, one egocentric actress, Scotland Yard, Aunt Effie's prophesies, an antique doll, and the mother of all blizzards to complete the mayhem.
Can Fraser catch a crook before the crook catches Lindy?


  1. You describe a book that is just what I like. I'm putting it on my list for sure.


  2. I love all kinds of intrigue. This sounds great!